Recent government statistics have shown the pollution in London to be four times the recommended target and this is having damaging and long lasting consequences on not only public health but to the buildings too. It’s no secret that the windows in London are getting dirtier quicker and RACM is seeing an increase in demand for the cleaning and maintenance of the entire outside of a building and on a more regular frequency.

This is where rope access has become the leading method of access at RACM as it is the only method which allows our current and potential clients the ability to keep their building clean and to also make significant savings. From rope access we can provide window cleaning, chemical cleans, gutter cleaning, facade cleaning, marble cleaning, repairs, painting, jet washing and stone cleaning. All these cleaning methods were previously done from either scaffolding or mobile elevated platforms, both requiring a permit and a much longer set up time than rope access.

A recent example is when RACM used rope access to paint the front elevation of a building and clean the gutters for a new client in Grosvenor Square. Before finding out what was quoted just for the scaffold, RACM was able to promptly put together a bespoke risk assessment and method statement alongside a quotation, which the client quickly accepted then told us it was a whopping £2500 cheaper than the price quoted from a company intending to use scaffolding as their method of access. Needless to say the building was painted to a very high standard with much less intrusion and noise than scaffolding.

With all rope access work we provide a site specific risk assessment and method statement. All of the equipment we use conforms to strict LOLER regulations meaning that we can tell the client about any piece of equipment we use, where it was made, the person who made it and checked it, the European norms it conforms to, when it was last checked by us and the site it was last used. We also provide a site safety supervisor who is well versed in safety and customer service and will deal with any issues our clients may have.