Rope Access (Abseiling)

Window cleaning by rope access is fast becoming the facilities managers method of cleaning this is the core service of our business with our experiance cleaning team that can complete any cleaning task. The consistent certificating and maintaining of expensive cleaning structures such as scissor lifts,mobile platforms and in particular cradles is enough to strain any cleaning budget. Abseiling eliminates these issues with the added benefit that there’s no need for any council obtained permits like what would be needed if you were to erect scaffold and there is no time lost in setting up. Abseiling is by far the most cost and time effective high level method of cleaning. All of our rope access technicians are fully qualified, fully insured and professionals in cleaning. Here at RACM we strive to be the best and we know that not every job has been designed to accommodate abseiling so we provide all methods of high level cleaning to suit the needs of your building and use dead weight trolleys to provide mobile anchor points.
It’s easy to see why over the last 25 years industrial rope access has become the prominent method of cleaning when applicable.

Benefits of rope access;

  • quick set up time and non intrusive
  • no council permits
  • no costly cradle or equipment maintenance bills.

We provide experienced IRATA trained abseilers who work to both the IRATA guidelines and the British standards. We provide an inspection record of every single piece of equipment used by the team that conforms to strict LOLER regulations showing where it was purchased, who last inspected it and when it was last inspected. We look to give you the best customer service so we provide a dedicated site safety supervisor who ensures the levels of safety and quality of work on site are maintained to the highest standard.

Not only do we carry out window cleaning by this method but also building maintenance from painting and pointing to masticing and banner installation and removal and pest control.

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Reach and Wash

The Reach and Wash system minimises the use of ladders and gives a thorough efficient clean to windows, UPVC, facades, glass roofs, solar panels, panelling and cladding with a 65feet reach span.
All operatives work from the safety of the ground level making this system of cleaning 100% safe. This system reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease and is environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used, and also maintains privacy and reduces disturbance.